Digital Risk Protection

SNSfortech makes use of the proper tools to monitor the Deep and Dark Web, in order to protect companies, organisations and individuals who are a potential target of fraud or cybercrime.

Dark Web
  • Corporate Sector: Large sets of data are accessible in several platforms not only for customers and businesses but also for cybercriminals. Consequently, your team and your customers may become potential victims of scams and cyber attacks. Therefore, it is time to implement steps to protect your business and customers from cybercrime.
  • Brand Protection: Keeping your brand safe turned into an increasingly difficult issue with new threats coming from the digital environment. Digital crimes such as fake accounts, spoofed domains and scams became real problems for brands. We can monitor an existing digital environment, regulate illegal usage of your brand, find negative reviews, control confidential information and prevent data leaks creating a strong defense against digital crimes.
  • Executive Protection: Using the right tools, we protect your VIP / Executives and eliminate the unwanted consequences of being a part of the digital world in the Deep and Dark Web.
  • Fraud Prevention: Criminals discover vulnerabilities, track down the information and sell it through the Dark Web. A lot of companies that faced frauds acknowledge that the resources spent on fraud investigations sometimes even double the cost of the fraud itself causing altogether huge losses. We can monitor and analyse the “hidden internet”, where financial data and fraud services may be sold or discussions about financial fraud strategies take place.
  • Data Breach Protection: Every data leak has the potential to become a major data breach and any business missing complex cyber security strategy is at risk. We provide you with brand protection by exposing hidden threats of the cyber world, regulating illegal usage of your brand, controling confidential information and preventing data leaks.
  • Law Enforcement & National Security: With the proper selection of tools, SNSfortech can assist law enforcement and national security to closely scrutinize and monitor nefarious or illegal activities and communications in the Dark Web.

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