Drones Unlimited Flight Duration


SNSfortech is very active in new technologies. Elistair As a result, drones could not be missing from our interests. Having tested and owned several drones, the company selects the most suitable solution both in drone and anti-drone sector. In this way, SNSfortech highly recommends the innovative technology for tethered stations for civilian drones that assist to persistent aerial surveillance, continuous aerial broadcasting, complex industrial inspection or traffic monitoring, offered by Elistair (France).

Safe-T is an industrial smart tethered station for UAVs, offering real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance capabilities thanks to its patented micro-tether. Offering the widest range of compatible drones and payloads on the market, the system is especially suited for Persistent Aerial Surveillance, Temporary Telecommunications (4G, Wi-Fi, radio) and Industrial Inspections. Designed for the most demanding missions, Safe-T has been approved for tethered flights by an official rule-making body and has been successfully deployed by government bodies and industrial companies over 5 continents.

In addition to the Safe-T, the Ligh-T is a compact and robust tethered station for drones. Designed for demanding missions in all environments, it offers continuous aerial observation capabilities to drone operators, public safety, private security, traffic monitoring agencies, national security and law enforcement units. It has been built as a rugged and mobile solution, and is based on Elistair proprietary micro-tether technology. Quickly connected to wide range of drones as the DJI Inspire 1, the Ligh-T is the perfect tool to enlarge your drone potential, thanks to unlimited autonomy and increased safety.