Digital Forensics Intelligence Solutions


Every day around the world, digital data is playing an increasingly important role in investigations Cellebrite and operations of all kinds. Harnessing data to make it accessible, collaborative and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. As the global leader in the digital intelligence market with a passion for technology innovation and helping fight crime, Cellebrite provides law enforcement, military and intel, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions for digital forensics, triage and analytics. Our products support the entire investigative team – from forensic examiners and analysts in the lab, to investigators and first responders in the field, to the prosecutors building strong defensible cases, and agency management optimizing investigative resources. Our full range of digital forensic solutions provide access to mobile devices, social media and cloud data sources; triage solutions to improve the efficiency of digital investigations; and powerful data analytics to provide critical insight when it’s needed most. By using Cellebrite’s digital intelligence solution set, customers can better harness digital evidence to accelerate investigations and intelligence gathering operations. Since entering the mobile forensics space in 2007, customers have deployed more than 60,000 UFED licenses globally in 150 countries, making Cellebrite the market share leader for mobile forensics worldwide. We continually respond to the evolution of digital data and its increasing relevance to a wider range of investigations and operations, including homicides, gangs, drugs, child exploitation and cyber crime. Building on our leadership in mobile forensics, Cellebrite has introduced a full suite of solutions to address the market demand for a one-stop shop for digital forensics, triage and analytics. As a committed partner driven to help make a safer world more possible every day, Cellebrite continues to develop trusted, innovative products, services and training that support digital investigations and operations of all kinds.


Discover relevant evidence and find new investigative paths within pre-approved legal boundaries. Extract, preserve and analyze public and private social media data, instant messaging, file storage and other cloud-based content.


Extract and decode every ounce of data within digital devices. Delve deep using leading-edge forensic examination capabilities and thoroughly review logical, file system and physically extracted data to discover critical evidence.


Quickly access and triage digital evidence in the field using an intuitive, forensically sound tool. Allow authorized field personnel to capture only the most relevant information needed to inform next steps and solve cases faster.