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Medical Data Storage


In August 2022, the Personal Data Protection Authority imposed a fine of 30,000 euros (03/08/2022 decision 36) on an examination center because it did not take the appropriate measures to store sensitive health data. The examination center - as stated in the decision - did not have a file with the data of the examined person.

Doctors, examination centers, clinics and anyone else who handles data related to the health of individuals, are obliged by law to keep a file for 10 years and to take measures to prevent, among other things, the disclosure of this data to third parties without the consent of the person, as well as to take measures so that the examinee can have access to his/her data for the period of 10 years.

doctor The rationale of the decision is also interesting, where it appears that the claim of the diagnostic center, invoking medical science that a critical document which is medically necessary (…) is the report of an imaging examination and not the images, is rejected as unfounded, and there must be imaging data in order to be able to compare with previous examinations, when the interested person exercises his/her right of access to them.

The medpro24 platform is a high-quality and low-cost solution for Doctors, Examination Centers and Clinics to improve their internal operations and serve the examinees in relation to access to their personal data. The service of is available in the form of online software. This means that your data remains stored in data centers with encryption mechanisms and passwords that are not vulnerable to brute force attacks, and there are no risks of local servers.

Finally, medpro24 gives the possibility for the examinee to receive artificial intelligence answers from openai. Doctors but also any person can click to send structured questions to openai that contain anonymized results of medical examinations. This solution is much safer and anonymous than searching for information about exams on search engines.

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