Special Tools Opening Tools, Sensors & Listening Devices

A. Wendt GmbH

Ziel-Fiex - A. Wendt GmbH SNSfortech is proud to represent in Greece and Cyprus A. Wendt GmbH, a company that offers authorities a large portfolio of opening tools, as well as listening devices and other special tools for official agencies. With more than 3000 different tools we offer opening tools for the most complex lock systems worldwide. With personal and competent advice we like to guarantee that the user only works with the best tools available for the application.
These tools are addressed to governmental authorities and are delivered directly from the supplier to the end customer.

Zieh Fix For any authority the opening is only a small part in fulfillment of the assignment. Here a lot can go wrong. Therefore, we offer tools and methods which enable the user to create what they need exactly in order to protect human life in an emergency case or to complete successfully an important mission for the general protection of the citizens of a country. What is more, these tools ensure the user a quick access to secured places without causing any damage to premises.
sensor tools Special sensors for authorities are also provided and cover a wide range of governmental operations in demanding fields. With the help of these sensors the successful completion of the assignment is guaranteed.
lockmaster The intelligent listening devices can be operated in different kind of environments; from close or long distance. With the use of the listening devices is provided the appropriate technical support which is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of governmental missions.