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Armour telecommunications

Having years of experience in networks (e.g. Radio, Satellite, WiMAX, PMR, TETRA, COFDM), SNSfortech can design, manage, implement and support telecommunication projects around the world. Furthermore, it recommends market leading technology for end-to-end encryption for voice, messaging and data on smartphones and tablets . This solution provides Government, Enterprise and Finance markets with an easy-to-use technology combined with advanced security techniques to deliver cloud-based and on-premises secure solutions (FIPS, CAPS and NATO approved). To that respect SNSfortech represents and highly recommends the encryption solutions developed by Armour Communications.

Mobile to Mobile

Armour telecommunications Secure your mobile-to-mobile communications between off-the-shelf mobile devices (such as Android and iPhone smartphones) simply by downloading the software application to each device and registering to use the Armour Cloud Service.

Cloud Service

Armour operates a Cloud Service for users of Armour Mobile: once you have licensed your mobile devices , Cloud Service will be enabled, so that you can start making secure voice, video and conference calls, including secure messages.

On-Premises Solution

The Armour On-Premises Solution allows your organisation to configure and manage your secure communications service Armour telecommunications in total privacy, restricting any outside connections. Armour provides self-contained infrastructure software that can be installed on your own servers, providing standalone call signalling and user management functionality for your private network, administered via your own web-accessible management console, as an alternative to using Armour’s Cloud Service.

Mobile to Landline / Voicemail / Conferencing

Secure voice communications between your mobile and other voice systems (e.g. deskphones within your office) or services (e.g. voicemail or conferencing) can be enabled using our Connect capability: Armour Connect can work alongside your enterprise PBX to provide secure connectivity into your existing office environment.

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